Apr 6th 2020

E-juice, or also known as vape-juice, has become a massive part of vaping throughout the world. Firstly you should be clear that e-juice, vape juice, and e-liquid are all terms to describe the same thing. E-juice is used in vaporizers as a fluid to create vapor. The food-grade flavoring used in e-juice is the same as flavoring used in products like ketchup, ice-cream, and salad dressing.  E-juice comes in different varieties of flavor and nicotine level, along with zero nicotine as an option.

The best manufacturer of e-juice is "King's Crest." They also won an award in manufacturing vape juice. King's Crest uses only the most exquisite ingredients in their carefully crafted gourmet premium e-liquids to make your vaping experience serene. So if you want to buy differently flavored e-juices, then "eCigMafia" is the best option for you. 

Different varieties of King's Crest e-juice:

EcigMafia is the cheapest online wholesale for all Kings crest  E-liquid vape juice! Here are some of the top e-juices available on eCigMafia.

Blueberry Duchess Reserve E-Juice

Blueberry Duchess Reserve E-Juice by King's Crest E-liquid is a degenerated creamy tres leches vape blended with sweet ripe blueberries in a tangy base for an elegantly smooth finish. The front note of this luxurious e-juice begins with a rush of the closeness of the Duchess Tres Leches dessert flavor that many have come to know and love. When this sweet and creamy vape juice cascades across your palate, an emergence of ripe blueberry will burst and provide your tongue an unforgettable and adorable taste.

Cereal Killa Duchess E-Liquid

King's Crest CEREAL KILLA DUCHESS E-Liquid is a Creamy Fruity Cereal Milk Cake vape that is sure to delight the senses. This E Juice is a world-renowned Creamy Fruity Cereal Milk Cake e-juice that was created by 9 South Vapes. In collaboration with another vape industry legend, King's Crest, recipient of multiple best in show awards, It's back and better than ever!. Cereal Killa Duchess will delight your senses. Get your 100ml Bottle of King's Crest Cereal Killa Duchess E-Liquid today.

Don Juan Churro E-Juice

Don Juan Churro 120ml E-Liquid is a sweet and delicious version of a cinnamon sugar churro topped with rich and creamy chocolate. Don Juan Churro, the dessert classic you know and love, pairs expertly with chocolate to create a boldly well-balanced pastry vape experience. This blend by kings crest seems to have a strong throat hit and taste good.

Duchess E-Liquid 

Duchesse by Kings Crest is the decadent milky flavor of Tres Leche Cake! When you puff away on this vape, flavors of butterscotch, condensed milk, and caramel all come together. As you inhale this e-liquid, a luxurious bath of sweet condensed milk melts into the palate. Then, a rich and buttery cake flavor hugs the sweet tooth. And when you exhale, a luscious blend of butterscotch and caramel excites your tongue like nothing else. Until now, it was impossible to find an e-liquid that can deliver the exquisite taste of a Tres Leches Cake. But luckily, Kings Crest made it their mission to replicate those layers of decadent flavor by creating Duchess flawlessly.

Don Juan Reserve E-Liquid

King's Crest Don Juan Reserve E-Liquid is a deluxe Butter Pecan Pie with a rich Graham Cracker Crust. It is covered in Creamy Milk Chocolate and then topped generously with the help of Whipped Cream. This e-juice is highly regarded as one of the best Butter Pecan Pie flavors in the vape market. This sensual new twist on the original Don Juan by King's Crest is truly a must-try e-juice flavor for the vapers out there. Enjoy this top-selling gourmet premium e-juice by King's Crest today.

 Strawberry Duchess Reserve Salt E-Liquid

This king's crest E-Liquid is loaded with cake-flavored and fresh ripe Strawberry for the distinctive fruity e-liquid vaping experience that you'll fall in love with. The front entry of this e-juice begins with a rush of familiarity with the Duchess e-juice flavor that has remained a top-selling vape juice. When this vape juice is fully grown across your root of the mouth, an emergence of ripe strawberries bursts over the flavor body providing your tongue a decent taste. A sugary sweet expansion of the flavor occurs as the back note expertly mixes juicy strawberries with a deep cake note. 

Don Juan Tabaco Dulce E-Juice

Don Juan Tabaco Dulce e-liquid is an effective mix of full-flavored tobacco mingled to perfection with rich chocolate. It is sweet chocolate tobacco that blends the traditional savory notes of tobacco and chocolate. An everyday vape for anyone. Deep tobacco notes collide with a -savory and sweet chocolate blend in Don Juan Tabaco Dulce E-Liquid, providing a dessert centered tobacco option that only the Kings Crest team can deliver.

Don Juan Cafe E-Juice

This e-juice from King's Crest is a beautifully crafted mochaccino blend of artisanal coffee and rich chocolate with a sweet and creamy finish. This remarkable vapor captures the smooth rich flavors of a classic mocha espresso beverage blended and sweetened to perfection.

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