Tobacco-free product or Synthetic Nicotine Product

Tobacco-free product or Synthetic Nicotine Product

Oct 15th 2021

What is Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN) or Synthetic Nicotine?

If you have switched to vaping to ween off your smoking habits or are just a casual vaper, you may have recently come across e-juice marked as TFN or Synthetic Nicotine. Synthetic Nicotine or Tobacco Free Nicotine is a recent phenomenon and a little information on what they are can help you choose the right e-juice for your consumption. In this blog, we will talk about TFN or synthetic nicotine and answer a few questions related to them. Read on to know more.

What is Tobacco Free Nicotine?

Tobacco Free Nicotine

In Layman’s terms, Tobacco Free Nicotine is nicotine that is not derived from Tobacco plants. This is different from conventional tobacco derived nicotine in the way that it doesn’t contain the impurities commonly associated with the tobacco plant. Tobacco Free Nicotine is free from any flavor or smell, making them perfect ingredients for your flavored e-juices as the flavor and scent of your e-juice is not diluted or messed with because of the harsh nicotine smell and taste that comes with tobacco derived nicotine.

Is Synthetic Nicotine a Tobacco Product?

No. Synthetic nicotine has a similar chemical structure to conventional tobacco derived nicotine but it is made in the lab with ingredients that contain nicotine but are not tobacco. Nicotine can be found in trace amounts in a lot of different plants and veggies. Some of these plants and vegetables consumed commonly include Potatoes, Cauliflower, Peppers, Tomatoes, and Eggplants.

Is Tobacco Free and Nicotine Free the Same Thing?

Tobacco Free Nicotine

No, they are not. While nicotine free means the product doesn’t contain any nicotine, tobacco free means the product doesn’t contain tobacco or any of its derivatives (including tobacco derived nicotine). A tobacco free product can still contain nicotine (Synthetic or Tobacco free nicotine), whereas a nicotine free product doesn’t have any nicotine whether tobacco derived or otherwise.

What is Tobacco Free Nicotine Made Of?

The most common method of extracting nicotine is through the tobacco plant that contains high levels of nicotine in it. A tobacco free nicotine is similar to traditional nicotine but is created in a lab with chemicals to replicate the effects of naturally grown tobacco.

Can you get tobacco Free nicotine?

Tobacco Free Nicotine

At E-Cig Mafia, we carry popular brands with Tobacco-Free Nicotine e-juices. Some of the most popular TFN or Tobacco Free Nicotine e-juices by Popular Brands include Red’s Apple, Air Factory, Salty Man, Humble E-juice, Pachamama, Lush, 7 Daze Salts and many more. You can also buy Tobacco Free Nicotine disposable vape devices if you are into disposables.

Is synthetic nicotine FDA approved?

Tobacco Free Nicotine

No, at present only Tobacco Derived products come under the purview of FDA. Because synthetic or tobacco free nicotine is not derived from the tobacco plant it is not regulated by the FDA. If you are a regular vaper you might have come across the PMTA or Pre Market Tobacco Application. PMTA requires manufacturers to submit a review application for their products that contain tobacco, or Tobacco derivatives. With synthetic nicotine, manufacturers and brands can bypass the PMTA as Tobacco Free Nicotine doesn’t fall in the ambit of FDA regulations as of yet.

What are the main differences between Tobacco Free Nicotine and Tobacco Derived Nicotine?

Tobacco Free Nicotine

The three main differences as per Next Generation Labs, which has a patent pending on Synthetic Nicotine, are related to impurities, Taste & Odor, and effect. While tobacco derived nicotine may contain impurities (like Kerosene used in extraction and not cleared out completely during purification). However, because tobacco free nicotine is made in a lab setting the chances of it containing additional contaminants is slim to none. The second major difference is the taste and smell. TFN is almost tasteless and odorless, which makes it a great accompaniment to flavored e-juices as it doesn’t dilute or mess with the flavor and taste of e-juices. The third factor is the effect. Although this is not a difference but a similarity. Both tobacco derived nicotine and Tobacco Free nicotine have the same biological impact.

User Reviews

We talked to some of our regular customers who recently switched from freebase nicotine to tobacco free nicotine and asked them about the experience. While most people couldn’t see any prominent differences, some reported having a better experience with Tobacco Free Nicotine. The most common benefit as reported by customers is how they no longer get the occasional nicotine headache when vaping too much e-juice in a day.

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