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MIO Max Blue Slushy Disposable Device

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The latest flagship disposable vape from MiO Vapor, MiO Max Blue Slushy is equipped with form-fitting mouthpiece,  in-built 450mAh battery,  and a pre-loaded 2.3ml pod system.  It will cater to your vaping needs for a whole day. The MiO Max disposable vape carries 50mg nic salt in varying mentholated flavors.

Flavor Profile:

Blueberry – The mild sweetness of the blueberry along with an exciting acidic taste makes the Blueberry flavor a desirable choice. The outburst of incredible freshness in your mouth shouldn't be missed out on. 
Raspberry –  Though it has a touch of sour, the sweetness from raspberries will send shivers down your taste buds. 
Pomegranate – The hint of sour with the sweetness of pomegranates creates a desirable flavor. 
Here is why you should buy the MiO Max Blue Slushy disposable vape –
Effortless Vaping – For a hassle free vaping experience, this disposable vape device is the right choice to make. The task of button operation or draw mechanism has been removed for the ease of vapers. 
Form-fitting Mouthpiece – The remarkable design ensures continuous flow of lush flavors and complete control over vapor production.
True 600 Puffs – The MiO Max disposable vape stands out from the rest of the disposable vape devices and delivers 600 puffs with every device.
Zero Maintenance –The built-in battery with its fully charge and  2.3ml of 50mg Salt Nic is enough to fulfill your vape requirements. It is the equivalent of 40 traditional cigarettes. The need for refilling and  maintenance is finally dealt with. Use and dispose of. 
Perfect for On-the-Move Vaping – The sleek, compact and lightweight device is designed for portability and discretion. It meets the need your vaping needs with ease. 
It is available in single packs and bulk pack, based on the need of the vaper. The MiO Max disposable e-cigarettes is a new brand that ensures authenticity. Check out other MiO Vapors with remarkable flavor profile

Product Specifications

  • Size : 14.5*92.6 mm
  • Battery Capacity : 450mAh
  • Pre-filled E-liquid capacity : 2.3ml
  • Nicotine Strength : 50mg
  • Ready to vape
  • Puffs : 600

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