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Aqua E-Juices and Salts

Aqua and Aqua Salts are premium brands of fruity vape juice from Marina Vape. Marina Vapes, a veteran manufacturer in the vape industry, creates Aqua Salts. Marina Vapes has created a slew of well-known brands, and they've done it again with Aqua in nicotine salt e-liquid form. Aqua flavors are light, crispy, and super refreshing on your taste buds, and are based in Los Angeles, California. Rainbow Drops, Pure, Flow, Mist, and Oasis are all available in nicotine dose strengths of 35mg and 50mg for use in ultra-portable small form factor pod-based device systems. Salt nicotine vape juices are not intended for use with Sub-Ohm tanks and Devices. Aqua E-juices are usually available in 60ml bottles with varying nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. It features a 70/30 VG/PG ratio.  On the other hand Salts are available in 30ml bottles with varying nicotine strengths of 35mg and 50mg.  It features a 50/50 VG/PG ratio. Choose From some exotic flavors such as;


Rain drops- Rainbow Drops by Aqua Salts tastes like the rainbow you see after it rains. Each puff will deliver a flavor explosion of ripe grapes, juicy strawberries, tart green apples, oranges, and tangy lemons. One of the best things about this blend is that you can taste each flavor separately! On the inhale, the alluring strawberry flavor rushes into your palate, mingled with a light grape taste. This flavor is enhanced with tangy green apple notes for a tart twist. An exotic fusion of oranges and lemons will wash down those intense flavors on the exhale.

Pure Menthol Tobacco- Strawberry, apple, and watermelon flavors with a refreshing menthol finish. Aqua Pure Menthol will transport you to the refreshing poolside. A light and flavorful fruit medley with refreshing menthol that tastes like jumping into a cool pool on a hot summer day.

Oasis- Oasis by Aqua Salts transports you to the tropical oasis of your dreams. This intriguing blend of sweet peaches, ripe cantaloupe, and juicy papaya. On the inhale, your palate will be delighted by an enticing peach vape juice flavor. As it overpowers your tongue, the authentic cantaloupe flavor will captivate your taste buds. A blitz of that exotic juicy papaya flavor on the exhale will provide an energizing finish.

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