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Ripe Collection E-Juices and Salts

With a classy presentation that is equivalent to a fine wine, Ripe Vapes is known as a premium brand of e-liquids. Savage E-Liquid, a vape juice company operating in California since 2015, brings you the Ripe Collection. With its Ripe Collection range, Savage E-Liquid, recognised for producing some of the best tastes in the business, has once again outdone itself. The moment is right to get a bottle of Ripe Collection if you enjoy vaping liquids with fruit flavors. The conventional freebase vape juices and nicotine salt juices in the Ripe Collection come in a variety of energizing and distinctive fruit flavors. Try Straw Nanners, a treat that combines the traditional flavors of luscious strawberries with ripe bananas. Check out Peachy Mango Pineapple if your taste buds are in the mood for a tropical twist. Looking for a little something more exotic? It can be found in Kiwi Dragon, a fruity concoction of juicy dragon fruits, tangy kiwis, and luscious blueberries. Additionally, the Ripe Collection provides fruit flavors with a menthol-infused chilly coolness. Some of their top selling E-juices are listed below: 

Ripe Salts Collection Fiji Melons 30ml E-Liquid- The most delicious watermelon, guava, and fuji apples have been combined.
Ripe Salts Collection Straw Nanners 30ml E-Liquid- It is a blend of Strawberries that are juicy and sweet, with a hint of banana.
Ripe Ice Salts Collection Kiwi Dragon Berry-  It is a blend of Fresh dragon fruit, luscious blueberries, and delicious kiwi. 
Ripe Ice Salts Collection Fiji Melons- Combining luscious watermelon with the most excellent fuji apples and guava.
Ripe Salts Collection Peachy Mango- It is a blend of ripe mangoes and peaches in 30ml unicorn bottles. Choose from nicotine strengths such as 35 mg and 50mg.