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Menthol Flavor E-Liquids

Menthol is one of the most preferred flavors when it comes to enhance the taste of candies, gummies, soft drinks, baked goods, and ofcourse the e-juices. People love menthol because of the refreshing undertones that it delivers to their mouth. Several notable vape juices manufacturers considered this aspect and so far they have introduced various menthol flavor representations. The menthol flavored e-juices come in all three e-juices varieties such as Nicotine salts, Freebase, and synthetic( Tobacco Free nicotine). Plus, the vape market is flooded with a variety of flavors formulated using different blends of fruits, candies, tobacco, and bakery items like cakes, cereals, custard, and peanut butter. 

Ecigmafia sources a wide array of menthol flavored e-liquids from major brands such as  Bantam, Pod Juice, Innevape, and etcetera. Shop now to avail of the most discounted price & offer on your favorite menthol flavored vape juice.

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