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Juice Head E-Juices and Salts

Juice Head is an industry-leading nicotine brand that offers a diverse range of products such as eliquids, salt nic, disposables, pouches, and more! Juice Head E-Juices are available in 100ml bottles with varying nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg and 6mg.  Juice Head Salts e liquids are available in nicotine strengths of 25mg and 50mg and are designed to meet the highest quality standards. Juice Head 30mL Nic Salts are available in a variety of popular flavors.

Peach Pear-  As you enjoy the cool breeze of delicious pears, this Juice Head eJuice flavor will get you lost in a maze of juicy peach vines. While exploring the fun of juicy and sweet, the experience doesn't end there. The fresh, juicy peaches and lush pears blend well with the creamy tart fountain that is just across the summer field. 
Watermelon Lime- Watermelon lime will let you lost in a maze of luscious watermelon vines while savoring a crisp wind from mouth watering limes. This flavor allows you to taste the amazing pairing of Watermelon and lime, An ideal balance of Sweet and Sour. These amazing flavors are waiting to leap upon the refined and energizing clouds created by the mixture of watermelon, lime, and nicotine salts. Give them what they want by consuming a 30 mL bottle of Juice Head's Watermelon Lime  salts  e-Juice.
Blueberry Lemon-  Blueberry Lemon has wonderful refreshment from the fresh, luscious blueberries blended with ripe lemons mixed with potent nicotine salts is what makes Blueberry Lemon SALTS eJuice by Juice Head. With this Juice Head eJuice flavor, you'll be caught in a maze of deep blueberry vines while savoring the crisp wind of citrusy lemons. Although the trip will take you through the exhilaration of juicy, sweet, and tangy, it doesn't end there. The fresh juices of the blueberry and lemon combination blend well to form this e-juice. Stop keeping your taste buds waiting. They are simply waiting to leap upon the refined and revitalizing clouds made of blueberry, lemon, and salt.

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