Research Shows that Vaping Doesn't Cause Asthama, is it True or False?

Research Shows that Vaping Doesn't Cause Asthama, is it True or False?

Mar 25th 2020

Vaping is considered as inhaling aerosols typically labeled as Vapor through E-cigarette or E-cigars. Unlike traditional tobacco products consumption, vaping doesn't cause asthma. However, there have been myths floating around in the vaping universe where half-baked researches are being published and promoted. But at the same time, there are other researchers who investigate further. This blog is all about that last part!

Before we jump into the story mode, let us go through a little background of why the research began, followed by the limitations and, okay, no more spoilers!

The Initial Vaping reports...

Vaping was first seen around late 2005 From European commercials. The United Kingdom makes a significant share of both smokers and non-smokers using E-cigars. A survey conducted in 2014 showed around 14% of American high school students vaping once in the past months. The same study followed in 2015, recording the rise in American adults vaping by 10%, including persons with bronchial asthma.

There is a large percent of the population who smoke who either do not know much about vaping or simply don't want to switch from smoking or and other traditional tobacco consumption at all. 

In early 2020, a medical publication from (Johns Hopkins University) JHU stated that vaping or the use of E-cigars leads to an initial stage of asthma or similar chronic diseases. A research group from the University of Catania (Italy) contended this statement. From their clinical and experimental studies that went on from 2016 to 17, their reports stated that "smokers doing vaping show tremendous progress, and in fact, vaping weaken the severity of Asthma attacks."

Besides this, these researchers stated that all the conclusions presented by JHU were simply baseless and that JHU's publication was based on limited and intentionally targeted participants. The reason being, that those who signed up for the study had a history of smoking and already exhibited the symptoms of asthma, making the entire JHU study a FICTION.

CASAA Admittance on JHU’s Research Over Vaping:

Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) made a statement on JHU Vaping Study over a Social media platform. One of the representatives of CASAA tagged the JHU research as "VAPE JUNK SCIENCE" on JANUARY 8,2020, declaring that out of all the participants, only 0.8% were non-smokers.

Research statement shouting, “VAPING DOESN’T CAUSE ASTHMA!”

Research by the Italian University of Catania went on for two years with 18 test subjects. They reported notable improvement in the asthma conditions of some smokers who switched to vaping. This study did not just clear the myth around vaping but also opened new doors for further research.

The 2-year long study presented records of breathing and respiratory functions of the subjects. All the test cases, i.e. the participants were familiar with their asthma conditions. So, they were put to multiple questionnaires about their daily routine and additional treatments or if they took any measures or medications before this. 

Furthermore, the subjects were provided with the same E-cigar and E-liquid and analyzed the results carefully. 

The researchers noted a 77% success rate from this study. Out of all the 18 people, 14 permanently switched from smoking to vaping. 2 were still avid smokers and discarded vaping entirely. The last two were open for both, smoking as well as vaping.

The study clearly showed that those who permanently switched to vaping showed a significant improvement in their respiratory functions. The 14 people showed better recovery from asthma conditions than the 2 dual users as well as the 2 traditional smokers in the group. 

This study shattered the perception that smoking E-cigar was weakening someone's health and was resulting in asthma or any similar medical issue.

More Research Over Vaping Coming Soon... 

Dr. Riccardo Polasa, the Author of the paper published by the University of Catania, said that, soon, they will conduct similar surveys. Their objective will be centered towards breaking the taboos to unravel the truth around vaping. He also ensured that all the tests will be done in a controlled environment.

Smoking causes 7 million deaths every year, and it is estimated to grow exponentially and reach up to 8 million by the year 2030. But what will happen if they switch to vaping? How many lives will be saved? Well, that's a number yet to be explored but the more research is done in this sector, it seems we are on the right track here!

So, don't let anything stop you from feeling the pleasure of vaping. Let us, at ECigMafia, know about your concerns, and we WILL respond to you not just with the words, but through data-based arguments and argument-based conclusions and let's discover the truth about vaping, not the misconceptions!

Disclaimer - The statements used in this article are not "claims" or "conclusive". The entire content is based on numerous research and findings available on the Internet. This is an opinion piece and should not be treated as an official comment, claim, or conclusiveness for any reasons, medically or otherwise.