Are you allowed to carry a vaping device on a plane?

Are you allowed to carry a vaping device on a plane?

Dec 27th 2019

Vaping devices are available in various shapes and sizes, most of them are battery powered suitable for using on the go. The technology and hardware are nearly the same. However, the size and capacity of batteries, vaporizer, the cartridge of  e-liquid, and mouthpiece vary.

Since some of the e-liquids available in the market contain nicotine-based chemicals carrying them around everywhere is not allowed, particularly in airports. Through this article, you will find all the necessary tips and tricks to keep yourself safe while on a trip or business tour.

Major airports in the US where vaping is considered as illegal are:

  • Francisco International Airports
  • Philadelphia International Airport
  • Los Angeles International Airport

Vaping while traveling by plane

Individuals who use vape devices get confused often about whether they will be allowed to board a flight after they have a shot. In most cases, passengers need a permit to carry vaping devices with them on a plane. Certain airlines have restrictions on carrying  batteries inside their luggage.

Many times, people have a question, can we carry vape on a plane or to the airport? It is generally allowed to take vaping devices in bags or with the person. However, some of the regulations strictly need to follow.

Below mentioned is the list of things that you can follow to avoid unwanted situations at the airport or a plane. These sets of laws usually developed, considering the safety of the onboard passengers.

If you boarded a plane with a vape cartridge or a pen make sure that

  • Everything has to pack inside a vape carrying case or a vape case. Keep all the batteries stored in a secured manner.
  • Keep the batteries away from the magnet, coins, or any material that can ignite cells. Store vaping devices after turning them off and pack them inside the appropriate carrying case.
  • Take care if you are carrying e-liquid on a plane, store it in a transparent zip-lock bag, 3.4 ounces or a hundred ml in each pack. Generally, passengers are allowed to take a liter of e-liquid per person. At the checkpoint, separate the e-liquid from carry-on bags as it screens. If you are carrying bottled e-liquid larger than a hundred ml capacities, then keep it in checked baggage. Cartridges, Pods, and e-liquid containers tend to leak due to change in air pressure as the plane changes altitude.
  • Never charge e-cigarettes on the plane.

Is vaping permitted at the airport?

Carrying vape on a plane entirely depends upon the rules of the corresponding airport. In places like Miami, Toronto, and Tampa, passengers are allowed to vape within the airport premises.

There is no specific vaping law or regulation over the years, which leads to confusion among travellers from distant regions. Only a few nations around the world have legalized vaping. There is still confusion regarding categorizing e-cigarettes due to the limited use.

Recently there have been changes in vaping regulations across the US. After August 2016, vaping or e-cigarettes categorizes in the same way as other tobacco-based products; this needs to follow by the mandate issued by  FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).

Some may be unsure when was smoking prohibited on planes? Several states across the US have added e-cigarette in the list of substances banned from being smoked indoors. As a result of which E-Cigarette got prohibited in places where traditional tobacco products are restricted.

Globally, several countries like Argentina have restricted vaping. Whereas in Australia, only specific regulations need to follow. Rules and regulations vary across Nations during occasions of traveling to a different nation. It is always advisable to do a bit of research about the laws of the destination.

Following is a list of nations and their prevailing laws:

Use of e-cigarette within the US airport

There are a few vape-friendly airports where passengers are allowed to use e-cigarettes in specific terminals. These regulations are in contradiction with the clean indoor air act of New York State, which prevents vaping indoor at public or private workplaces.

Countries that allow the use of vaping devices at airports are:

  • Argentina
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore

Prominent airports in the world and their vaping laws

  • One of the populated airports in the US is the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport allows to use of e-cigarettes and heating devices in places designated for smoking tobacco.
  • Heathrow Airport is another most popular airport in the US, where vaping is not allowed within the airport premises. Still, one can choose to be outside the airport premises designated for smoking for taking a shot of vape.
  • Frankfurt Airport is one of the most crowded airports in Germany that allows passengers and visitors to vape in the lounges designated for smoking tobacco. One interesting fact about Germany is that it doesn't imply any sort of age restrictions for the use of e-cigarettes.

Ways of taking E-Cigarette through the Airport security

Airport Security personnel are responsible for enforcing various laws and regulations. Hence, while traveling, make sure that you have read all the rules and regulations carefully. Only carry devices that are permitted by the transportation security administration TSA.

When it comes to vaping devices or e-cigarettes, TSA follows a list of devices restricted by the federal aviation authority from being carried in checked bags. Devices like vaporizers, e-cigarettes, atomizers must be packed and transported in carry-on containers within the airport premises.

To clear the security check and board the plane with a vape, passengers need to keep their e-cigarettes inside carry-on bags.

The measures mentioned above must follow if you are carrying vape cartridges inside the airport. However, a few risks are there associated with taking e-cigarettes in checked bags.

Likewise, the e-liquid should carry in clear plastic bags, don't exit the prescribed volume of 3.4 ounces.

Vaping is extremely popular among the residents of the US. Still, in several regions of the world, it is a new trend that is slowly gaining popularity, although the legal constraints are still not clear to everyone.

Laws in the US don't allow vaping in the planes or other closed areas similar to that of tobacco.

Passengers are allowed carrying vaping devices in carrying cases for web bags, although passengers must keep all the necessary documents to ensure that they are taking legal substances. For instance, medical marijuana is still not allowed by federal law, irrespective of the origin of the traveler. The USA keeps a close eye on marijuana. If passengers get caught at the time of security checks, then it gets reported to the higher authorities, and steps need to follow accordingly. One must note that traveling with marijuana can be quite risky, even vape juices that contain traces of THC are not allowed to be made through the airport.

Vaping inside a flight

  • As mentioned earlier, inside closed places in the US, they don’t allow vaping.
  • Department of Transport has already restricted vaping activities in commercial aircrafts. It came into effect from April 2016 and applied to all domestic and international flights.
  • Passengers must not charge e-cigarettes on planes and must strictly avoid transporting them in checked bags.