Clean your vape device like a pro

Clean your vape device like a pro

Dec 27th 2019

After investing in a vaping device, you may want to be sure to follow the proper steps to take care of it. Cleaning your vape device frequently is the best way to ensure a long lifestyle and maximum enjoyment. In case, if you feel like your experience has been suboptimal lately, possibilities are, your e-cigarette simply needs a touch renovation. There are numerous components of your vape that will need to be cared for. The device, your e-liquid, and the battery can take advantage of regular interest.

It is time to provide your vaping device a smoothie health. Get that right and you'll be capable of reveling in your favorite scent once more. That’s why we're taking a look at a way to clean and maintain your vape device on this blog.

Know about your Vape Device

For long-lasting usage and overall performance of your vape device. Additionally, preserving your vape device components clean ensures that you get maximum flavor on every throat hit! To help you, keep your device as new as the day you got it, we created this complete-scope “Clean your vape device like a pro”

To follow vape device, cleaning tips, you will first need to understand the parts of your device. It generally made up of three main parts.

Tank - The vape device tank holds e-juice and combined with atomizer as a single unit.

Battery- The power source of the unit. May have voltage and temperature control options. For vape mods, the battery is contained within the housing itself.

Coil- A heating element that converts e-juice into vapor.

Mods are similar in design and construction, except that they have a bigger housing and greater powerful batteries. Due to this multiplied energy, it offers a higher throat hit and enhances e-juice flavors.

While Cleaning Your Vape device

Rinsing and cleaning your vape device is something you will want to do on every occasion you change flavors so that new flavor isn’t compromised through the last taste you used. It’s good to also make it a habit of giving your device a weekly once to clean your device thoroughly at least twice a week.

Indeed, any time your device isn’t providing you with the performance that you need, a complete-scale vape device cleaning with consistent vape pen care maintenance may be good first steps to improve its output.

How to clean a vape tank

Of course, we need maximum taste when we purchase new e-liquids, however, we’ve all made the mistake of placing new flavors in our tanks and still having the lower back-taste of the remaining e-liquid we’ve used. To avoid this, cleansing your vape tank is suggested. Generally, an easy rinse will do, but now and then, cleaning your vape tank with alcohol will be necessary.

The Easy Rinse:

  • Fill a bowl with lukewarm water.
  • Detach tank from mod.
  • Dispose of any e-liquid remaining inside the tank
  • Disassemble your tank.
  • Place tank components into a bowl.
  • Wash tank components in water until clean. If the tank is dirty, a few drops of dish cleaning soap will assist!
  • Dry off each component with a paper towel and air dry for 10-15 minutes.
  • Reassemble tank and device.

The Deep Vape Tank Cleaning with Alcohol

  • Detach tank from mod and dispose of any e-liquid remaining in the tank.
  • Completely disassemble your tank.
  • Excessive-proof and non-flavored vodka works excellent as a solvent to help break down e-juice deposits from the vape tank. Dampen a paper towel or cloth with the vodka and scrub any hard areas until the tank is clean.
  • Wipe and rinse with warm water and air dry for 10-15 minutes.
  • Reassemble tank and device.

How to clean your vape device with household items

In case you need even higher outcomes, you may use a few simple household items to give your tank a deeper cleaning. Take care to rinse them thoroughly after application and let your tank get dry.

Baking soda is the best cleaning item that can be used to get tanks shining again.

Ethanol alcohol is another highly effective substance for cleaning and don't use any other alcohol, which should not be used on the inside of your tank.

Vinegar is best acidic for cleaning but must be thoroughly rinsed to prevent its smell from lingering.

Low-cost vodka is not a household but you can find it at the grocery store. It will clean your vape device perfectly and won't cost you much.

Some devices prefer using a little bit of dish soap or lemon juice water instead.

How to clean vape coils:

No matter how well you clean your device, sooner or later, you need to replace your coil. Unluckily, there’s nothing we can tell you about how to clean vape coils that will bring them back to life. If you wet them, they’ll burn out. Coils have a larger influence on flavor, and the more you vape, the more often you’ll need to change your coil. Don't worry we have a wide range of vape coils to choose from. There are some signs that your coil may need to be changed:

  • It is visually dark, crusted or damaged.
  • Your atomizer is having leakage issues.
  • You are experiencing decreased vapor production.
  • You are experiencing a “burnt” taste, even after cleaning your coil.

Every vape mod uses vape coil and replacement coils are a constant vaping device, which you have to replace. At ECigMafia, we carry the widest range of replacement coils for most of the vaping mod brands in the market at an affordable price. We offer best replacement coil collections such as Geekvape, Uwellwhirl, Vaporesso, Smok, Rincoe, Eleaf EC, Innokin pocket mod, Sense blazer200, Wismec, kangerCLOCC and many more.

Changing the coil in your vape device is simple, but there are so many different coil types available in the market, there is no “one-size-fits-all” way of doing things.

  • Remove the tank from the device.
  • Dispose the remaining e-liquid.
  • Twist the coil to the left to “unscrew” it from the tank.
  • Screw-in new coil.
  • Then reattach the tank to the device.

Now you know how to clean your vape device, how to clean vape tank, how to change your vape coil and to maintain your vape device so that you can enjoy for years to come. Follow the mentioned points and you will get the best vape experience on every hit.