How to Get Vape Juice Out of Carpet, Leather, and Teeth!

How to Get Vape Juice Out of Carpet, Leather, and Teeth!

May 25th 2020

You might have gone through many articles that describe the proper methods that are arguably very helpful in eliminating stains of vape juices from a garment. Also, you might have found what to do if you can’t remove those stains from the clothing. These are everyday things nowadays, but what if your tank leaks over your most favorite leather couch sofa? Would you allow your vape juice spill over your snowy carpet? Have you ever thought why some specific vape e-liquids bleach your teeth? 

When you think of vaping vs. smoking, which is one of the biggest debates ever, vaping is undoubtedly the safer option to consider to keep your clothes, and carpets smell the real still. While vaping is almost 95% safer than smoking, vaping offers a much cleaner adventure than typical smoking. The most exciting thing being a vaper is you have a solution to your problems. You can remove the e-juice stains while following some simple tips. If you ever had spilled vape juice or be a newbie to vaping, then you might want to be prepared for the mess and avoid any further inconvenience. Just keep reading to take a note of the steps.

What is vape juice staining?

You being a vaper have already seen that e-juices come in different colors according to its flavor and nicotine contents. Some of them come transparent, some with varying shades of yellow, and others enter a little bluish tinge. A very few of them come dark yellow as well. You can see that these e-liquids darken as they steep over time. Can you remember the first time when you observed that your e-juice was getting dense and you panicked? 

Many of the vapers have seen a sludgy molasses brown color also. As the vape juices get older, they count a higher chance to stain a garment or a carpet. These steeped e-juices actually become sludgier as they are kept in a cool place. Also, sometimes dying coils can cause a damaged e-juice. As the coil cotton burns, it gradually turns black and breaks off to the tank that contains the juice. This type of unnoticed damage might not affect the taste of the liquid but still can cause a dense e-juice that ultimately becomes prone to stain anything. 

Typical e-juices are made of VG, PG, flavorings, and nicotine. These components can stain garments and fabrics temporarily or sometimes permanently, but some vape juice contains a form of resin that can stain clothes, furniture, and your teeth also. This resin stain is much similar to the spots from wine or coffee. These resins can be weakened from typical clothing, with warm water and dish soap, but what if it gets stuck to your carpet or your teeth?

Let’s get a better look at how you can have the most success while avoiding any vape juice stain.

How to Get Vape Juice Stains Out of Clothing?

As we have discussed the ways juice spilling can damage your clothing, carpets, etc., you already know that there are two procedures. But when it comes to precautions, you might find it different for those two causes. 

Vape juices that don’t contain much resin are usually easy to remove from the clothing and fabric, etc. It is just the usual dark spot eliminating process. Just arrange some warm water, let the washcloth get wet, and gently rub the stain. But keep in mind that rubbing aggressively can damage the threads further or it may spread the stain a bit wider. Once you have done the process, note if the stain has disappeared or not. If not, then again follow the same steps a day after.

One thing you can prepare is to add some detergent to the washing mixture if you find that the stain is not disappearing, although you have tried the standard steps several times. Note that the regular laundry soaps are not good enough to do the job in this case. If you have studied a bit about vaping, which you should as you are on course to become an advanced vaper from a prodigy one, you might know that e-juices are composed of organic and inorganic glycerine and propylene glycol. Glycol is a form of fatty acid, i.e., a type of oil. And dish detergents are the best solution to get rid of those. So, you can add a few drops of dish detergent, blot the stain and then rinse it.

If still, you are not getting a better result, you can use a dab of bleach. Yes, bleach is the last option to try because it can take out the glitter and the colors of the garment in the process. We guess you will get the result before you opt for bleach, but still remember that only use bleach on your faded colored clothing mostly. And if you are the unluckiest one, and are not finding a solution, then it may be the time to take your garments to a dry cleaner.


Again, you should remember that though we usually rub our clothes under warm water and detergent, it is time to rectify your practice. Stains are not going to disappear if you scrub it with more pressure and power. You can blot it gently or dab it with a little pressure. More scrubbing will gradually spread the colors of the stain as the fibers of the fabric will absorb the stain more.

If it is a more significant stain, then try to sop up most of it, preferably with a washcloth or a paper, and then follow the steps mentioned above. Always use warm water as cold water will make a sticker stain, and it would turn tough to remove later.

How to pull out Vape Stains from Carpets and Furniture?

The best way to remove e-liquid stains from any furniture or any carpeting is to use a wet washcloth or wash-paper and blot the mark. While you use blot-paper, don’t rub it over the mark or press with vigorous pressure as it ultimately forces the unconcerned fibers to suck the drops just like with the fabrics. Doing it once might not tempt your satisfaction so, you would need to repeat the steps until you see that the mark has disappeared.

Baking soda and vinegar are two ingredients that work very efficiently to remove e-juice stains. When blending together, Baking Soda (Sodium bi-Carbonate) and vinegar form a sort of bubbling foams that are very effective in taking the stains out from fabrics without doing any damage to its fibers. If your washcloth is not giving you results, then you can try a mixture of those two items. 

Things You should remember,

  1. Use only the white vinegar
  2. Try to saturate the mark with vinegar.
  3. Add some baking soda over it to avoid the vinegar getting dry.
  4. Allow self-bubbling for some time as you could see that traces of vape juice are coming out with those foams.
  5. Once it stops bubbling, just rub it gently with a dry brush. Don’t press it while rubbing.
  6. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove any excess baking soda traces.

Can we use bleach or laundry detergent?

You should avoid using bleach or typical laundry detergent on any garment, carpet, or fabric upholstery as this will denature its color. Although we have suggested you use dish detergents, always remember that these are the last options to try. Detergents are efficient in taking a mark out of clothing, but it is challenging to extract all the detergent from the garment. And as some amount of the detergent still remains in the threads, it attracts dirt and dust over time. 

For any detergent or bleach, it is understood that you get the best result within the least amount of time, but you can see that the portion you used bleach on a carpet or a garment is looking dull as compared to the remaining part of that garment. This would ultimately make the stained area more noticeable in other fashion. Isn’t it a loss at last?

How effective is a vacuum cleaner?

You know why we use a vacuum cleaner. But it might be screwing up in your thoughts whether we should use it to remove a dark spot of a vape juice.

It is practical to use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the cleanser and excess water from an already cleaned garment or a carpet. But, always avoid using it to suck the mark directly as it prompts the carpet fibers to spread the oil even more. While we discuss the usage of a vacuum extractor, you should keep a note that using a fabric brush attachment over a stained item is also damaging in the same sense.

How to Get Vape Juice Out of Leather & Suede?

Stains can be on your most favorite leather jacket or your daily partner - the leather shoe. But you should learn to get rid of it efficiently. There are many methods to remove a leather stain. Instantly after you spot any sign of the spill, try to cover it with a microfiber cloth. We generally use washcloths, but microfiber cloths are better to sop out unwanted liquids. While you may find some scratches on your garment after you use a washcloth, Microfiber ensures zero damage. 

Once you have blotted the vape juice as much as you can with the microfibre sprinkle a few shades of talcum powder on the spot. Allow it to remain for a few hours before you begin to blot it once again. Once you have completed the whole process, you could see a positive result, but if not, then try a saturated mixture of distilled water and dish detergent on it.

Dip a part of a new and clean microfiber cloth into the soapy water and gently press on the stained leather with it. You can find that the stain gets a bit frothy and forms some dry bubbles. Pick another fresh microfiber cloth and put it under warm water, then gently scrub it over the mark to remove the soapy water. You will need another dry and clean microfiber to dab across the area, and then you should examine if the dark spot has vanished or not.


It is no surprise that you still fail to get rid of the mark. Some stains really form deeper. For those, you can try some homemade remedies.


You can mix-up a homemade solution with some generic ingredients that you already have in your kitchen. First, arrange 3/8 cup of distilled water, add approximately 1/8 cup of regular sea salt (NaCl), and 1/2 teaspoon of white flour into it. While you mix the solution, add one tablespoon of baking soda and keep stirring the solution until it gets the form of a paste.

Use a fresh and clean cloth and gently put the paste on the stained leather.


Mix equal amounts of water and vinegar, white vinegar, and linseed oil in 1:2 amount ratio or equivalent parts of lemon juice and tartar cream. Try any of these mixtures on the stained leather with a clean microfiber cloth and gently blot the mark.

While you can consider the ideal solutions for a leather stain, these types of homemade remedies are also competent for the job. All of the processes, as mentioned earlier, are efficient on both the leather and suede. But be careful so that you don’t damage the suede’ nap while you try your preferred therapy. Although it is risky, do consider a fabric brush to remove the excess.

How to avoid teeth staining?

Don’t you feel embarrassed if you have a spot on your teeth? If you have tried cigarettes previously, then you might know how your teeth, nails, and skin get stained. It is because of the tar and nicotine content in typical cigarettes. But as you have now turned to vape, you may still find the same concern but in a different fashion. But why still?

E-cigarettes don’t stain your teeth like the typical cigarettes do because it doesn’t contain tar and it comes in some zero-nic format also.  However, certain e-liquids contain resin, and when it gets heated up, it can leave an ugly yellow shade on your teeth every time you take a puff off the mod. And, gradually, it builds up into a denser color on your teeth. As it is recommended to practice good oral hygiene, you might think getting rid of e-liquids can do the job, but there are solutions that you may not know.

One of the remedies to avoid such a condition is to be a bit more attentive when trying a new e-juice, but as you brush your teeth daily, you can observe that the shade is getting faded and your teeth are glittering normally. But, if you feel that your teeth have been permanently discolored, then you should try some prescribed tooth whitening kits to get your tooth color back. Make sure to refer to a dentist before you try any professional tooth whitening procedure.

How to control spilling vape juice at all

There is no certified resolution to curb a vape-juice spill, as most of the spills come from our mistakes. We often get inattentive and get imbalanced when filling an e-liquid container. So, make sure to track all the instructions given to you in the user manual and follow them all carefully.

Try to store your e-juices in a closed container rather than an open one. When it comes to a vape mod tank then it depends on the tank itself, you can’t control it. You just have to accept the coil burning and liquid spillage if it happens through the mod. Still, you can avoid mishandling your vape kit and also don’t overuse it.

You should take note that vape retailers are not only managing a business, but they are also devoted to making a better vape device for you. So, they also like you need to be regular vapers so that they can understand your concerns.  They know how to curb vape spillage and how to manage it when it happens. So, don’t hesitate to hit them if you feel any problem.

We, here at Ecigmafia, are always open to help you with your inconvenience. Feel free to comment below. Also, we hold one of the largest inventories of vape gadgets, so, do check into our portal to find your best fit.