Worst Vape Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Worst Vape Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Dec 13th 2019

When you do it right, vaping can be a wonderful thing. It can help you to relax at the end of a hard day. You can give your sweet tooth the much-needed comfort it craves. And it can also provide the nicotine that your body requires.

However, if you are not familiar with vaping and are not 100% sure what to do when vaping, there are some common mistakes you can make when using an e-cigarette and an e-juice. These issues can spoil your entire vaping experience and you will get a very bad idea about it.

Fortunately, you can avoid making mistakes while educating yourself by learning to vape properly. The initial step in doing so is to discover what to avoid when vaping.

Some things are inevitable. For example, you will forget to clean the coil of your e-cigarette from time to time and, as a result, you will get a bad foul taste or burned taste when you start vaping. But mainly, you should take all the required precautions to avoid making the usual mistakes associated with vaping.

In today's modern world, vaping is a very common thing. So, one should know how to use it before actually using it. People often commit certain mistakes while vaping. Here are some of those things that you should avoid doing.

1. Buying cheap vaping products

If you decide to start vaping, you will need to start buying an e-cigarette and at least a bottle of e-juice. You need to make sure you buy these products from a reliable shop and you have the proper knowledge to use them.

It might surprise you when you learn about the number of people that buy terrible products for their first vaping, and then they will be surprised when they do not like it. It is common sense that if you are buying cheap products, you will not enjoy much vaping. Besides, you can risk injury if you buy cheap products because they probably have not been thoroughly tested to ensure that they do not explode or catch fire.

It will risk your entire vaping experience if you do not make a smart investment in your vaping products. Spend some extra money and you'll find that it's worth it.

2. Take dry strokes

This battle is the main problem of vaper’s all around! It happens when you do not have enough juice that runs through your vaper and results in a horrible taste that will also make the back of your throat burn.

Before you start vaping, check your e-juice level to make sure that you have enough in your e-cigarette to keep the coil wet. If it shows that the level of e-juice is low, then you should immediately stop vaping, and refill the tank as soon as possible.

3. A mix of e-juice flavors

Mixing of different flavors of e-juice in real life might seem like a good idea, but in the case of vaping, if you combine them, they can end up with a very bad taste, which is a total waste of your e-juice, and you will be forced to clean the entire vaping device.

You should get used to cleaning your device every time you change the e-juice so that you do not have an unpleasant taste mix of multiple flavors. It will help you avoid unpleasant flavors and let you enjoy the flavors you want. Leave the mixture to the professionals!

4. Steam with a dirty coil

The coils inside the e-cigarettes never stay clean for a long time. A coil provides good service for only about one or two weeks before it needs to be changed. And in several cases, it should be cleaned well before that.

Allowing your coil to become heavy will affect the taste of e-juice, and produce a lesser amount of vapor over time. So, be sure to clean the coils regularly, and replace them when it is necessary. It's the only way to experience a constant pleasant vape whenever you wish to consume the vapor by using e-cigarette.

5. Usage of a high amount of nicotine

If you already smoked a large quantity of nicotine every day, you may not have to worry about making this sudden change. Your body is probably already used to the nicotine.

So, you must be aware that you are not consuming too much nicotine, so be very careful with the e-juice you choose. Different e-juices have different levels of nicotine, and you should find the one that suits your particular situation the most. With a little trial and error, you will find the e-juice that works best for you, and after using it for some time, you will find an e-juice, whose level of nicotine that will give you optimum satisfaction without causing you an overdose of nicotine.

6. Don't forget to charge the battery

You need to do all the required preparation before you start vaping. You should clean the coil, wash the tank before adding a new e-juice and make sure the nicotine level is correct for your consumption. But if charging the battery for your e-cigarette slips your mind? What can be done, bad luck for you? You will not be able to vape.

Try to get used to charging the battery of the e-cigarette when you are not using it. You need to take some precautions to charge it in a proper way, such as using only the electronic plugs that are accessories most suited with the device, but when you follow the instructions, it is not difficult to keep the e-cigarette charged all the time.

7. Buying the same e-juice over and over again

Who does not like to eat a cookie, but if you eat the same cookies over and over, your body will get used to it, eventually getting tired and will want something else? A similar thing happens when e-juices are concerned.

When you start to taste with a special taste, you will love it. But if you keep using the same flavor, you will get "vape tongue", and in this situation, you will not be able to taste that particular flavor. It is not an everlasting situation, but you should start using a new e-juice if you want to restore the taste in your palate.

8. Ignoring a leaking e-cigarette

Does your e-cigarette taste a little? This may be because the O-rings inside are damaged or have gone missing. It could also be because you squeezed the tank too much or used an e- juice that has damaged the device.

Whatever the reason, you should never disregard a delicious e-cigarette. In most cases, you can fix it quickly when you can identify the problem. However, failing to do so can cause problems in the future and endanger your device.

Fixing a leak will increase the life of your e-cigarette and save the e-juice leaking from it all the time.