Nasty Cushman Mango Grape 60ml E-Juice

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Introducing Nasty Cushman Mango Grape 60ml E-Juice, a delightful fusion of juicy grapes, ripe mangoes, and a refreshing touch of cool mint that's sure to rejuvenate your taste buds.
With every puff, you'll experience the tantalizing blend of plump, tangy grapes and exotic mangoes. The natural sweetness of these fruits intensifies, providing a burst of fruity goodness that's simply irresistible. But it doesn't stop there – on the exhale, a refreshing minty breeze cools you down, leaving you feeling revitalized.
This e-juice comes in a convenient 60ml unicorn bottle with a 70/30 VG/PG base, perfect for vapers seeking impressive vapor production from Kits & devices offering satisfying throat hits. Whether you're a fan of mango or grape flavors, this blend brings them together in perfect harmony.
Nasty Cushman Grape 60ml E-Juice is a delightful combination of mango, grape, and cool mint flavors that's bound to become a favorite among fruit-loving vapers. Don't miss out on this invigorating vape sensation!

Liquid Details:

  • Brand: Nasty
  • Flavor: Cushman Mango Grape
  • Nicotine Type: Freebase
  • Bottle Size: 60ml
  • Nicotine Levels : 3mg / 6mg
  • VG/PG: 70/30

Package Contents:

  • 1x Nasty Cushman Mango Grape 60ml E-Juice

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