How do you pick the right nicotine level for your e-liquid?

How do you pick the right nicotine level for your e-liquid?

Oct 1st 2019

Nicotine has become an integral part of your life if you smoke daily. Choosing the right amount of Nicotine in your E-liquid or vape can be the reason behind you sticking to the vape or giving on the spot. The crux is, if you vape your juice having low Nicotine level, then it'll leave you to crave more of it. If you choose an e-juice of high Nicotine strength, it'll lead you a lousy throat hit causing coughing.

Picking the right strength of Nicotine for your vape juice is immensely vital for the satisfaction of the body. It delivers relaxation, calming feeling that you're habitual of.

We'll go through different types of Nicotine strengths here so that next time you'll choose a perfect Nicotine strength juice for you.

Types of Nicotine: Regular or Salt

There are commonly two types of Nicotine called as Regular Nicotine and Nicotine salts. Regular Nicotine ranges from 1.5 mg/ml to 24 mg/ml while Nicotine Salt has a broader range of 10 mg/ml to 60 mg/ml. However, regular Nicotine higher than12 mg/ml causes a harsh throat hit that may persuade coughing. For some people, this can be a little painful.

Nicotine salt has an added chemical Benzoic Acid that reduces the harshness of Nicotine. If you're a heavy smoker, you should consider taking Nicotine salt. Even 30-60 mg/ml of Nicotine salt in e-juice will let you vape smoothly and sharply without any harsh throat hit.

Choosing the right strength of your Nicotine

Choosing the right strength of Nicotine in your e-juice is necessary. If you are a social smoker, that means you smoke 10 or fewer cigarettes a day, than you need low Nicotine content. If you smoke at least a pack a day, you should prefer medium Nicotine content while if you need to smoke two packs of cigarettes, then you should pick a high Nicotine strength in your vape.

The strength of Nicotine also depends on the power of the device through which you'll vape. For instance, the low strength Nicotine with the high powered device can create a larger cloud of less Nicotine. This ideology can be reversed back by using high strength Nicotine taken through the low powered device as the high powered device could vape out the high concentration of Nicotine in a single puff.

Strengths and Intake

If you are a social smoker and smokes ten or fewer cigarettes a day, then you'll want to go with low strength Nicotine e-juice. For vaping, you'll require 1.5-6 mg/ml of regular Nicotine or 10-20 mg/ml of Nicotine salt. The little strength Nicotine e-juice will give you the best experience if vaped through sub-ohm tanks or high-powered devices.

Medium strength Nicotine level is for those who lie in the middle of a pack a day or two. These medium strength Nicotine e-juices works best with medium powered devices or can be great with pod vapes as well. The concentration of Nicotine should be 6-12 mg/ml regular Nicotine or 20-30 mg/ml of Nicotine salt.

The high-strength Nicotine is for those who smoke at least two packs of cigarettes in a day. The strength can be higher up to 12-18 mg/ml of regular Nicotine or 30-60 mg/ml of Nicotine salt. This kind of concentration level should be vape through a low powered device to avoid the creation of a cloud of highly concentrated Nicotine.


After the blog, you may know now what will be the concentration of Nicotine you'll require in your e-juice. The juices are filled with classic flavor, don't let your wrong Nicotine strength suppress the flavor with your vast cloud of vape.