Mafia Bucks

How do I Sign Up?

If you are using ecigmafia on desktop, you can find Mafia Bucks at the bottom left of your screen. If you are accessing the website through mobile phone, you can find it at the bottom right of the screen.

How do I earn Mafia Bucks?

You can earn 2 Mafia Bucks for every dollar spent on ecigmafia website.

You can also earn mafia bucks doing the following activities

  • Sign Up - 100 Mafia Bucks
  • Share on Twitter - 10 Mafia Bucks
  • Follow on Instagram - 50 Mafia Bucks
  • Share on Facebook - 50 Mafia Bucks
  • Like on Facebook - 50 Mafia Bucks
  • Celebrate a Birthday - 200 Mafia Bucks

How much Mafia Bucks value for?

Every 100 Mafia Bucks amounts to $1. You can redeem Mafia Bucks at the time of your purchase.


How do I redeem Mafia buck?

To redeem your Mafia Bucks, follow these simple steps;


Click on Mafia Bucks on the bottom left of your screen

Click on “Way to Redeem”

Click on “Redeem”


Do Mafia Bucks expire?

No, they do not. You can use it anytime.


What do I get if I refer a friend?

By referring a friend you will be expanding the ecigmafia family. For this, both you and your friend get a 10% off discount coupon.

Can rewards be used with discounts?

Rewards cannot be used with any other discounts

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