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Sadboy E-Juices and Salts

SadBoy Nicotine Salt Juice is a line of delectable dessert and sweet-flavored nicotine salt vape juices created by Philly Vape Society, one of the greatest vape brands in Philadelphia. Get immersed in flavors like Mango Iced, Blueberry Jam Cookie, and Shamrock Cookie, to name a few. In terms of dessert-flavored vape juice, SadBoy E-Liquids are dominant. They have great cookie flavors. SadBoy liquid vape juices, also known as e-liquids, are guaranteed to be delicious to the very last drop. You won't have to worry about blowing your budget when you shop at Flawless Vape Shop because we provide a wide selection of cutting-edge SadBoy e-liquids and SadBoy Salt Nic juices. Some of their top selling e-juices and salts are listed below; 

Rainbow by SadBoy Nicotine Salt E-Liquid-  A unique tropical blend that combines flavors of both common sweet fruits and unusual fruits.
Strawberry Iced SadBoy Nicotine Salt E-Liquid- It is a Candy with a delicious strawberry flavor and menthol and salt nicotine.
Custard Cookie- The best custard e-liquid ever created is Custard Cookie by Sadboy E-Liquid. combined with the leftover crumbs from our multiple award-winning Butter Cookie. Sadboy will ascend to the throne as ruler of everything custard- and cookie-related.
Unicorn Tears- Unicorn Tears, an e-liquid by Sadboy - Perfect balance of savory and fruity. The ULTIMATE Sadboy E-Liquid flavor is this sweet and flawlessly balanced combination since it completely suits everyone's taste preferences.
Key lime Cookies- Key Lime Cookie Salt by Sadboy Salts takes key lime filling and blends it with freshly heated cookies, combining the delectable flavors with mind-boggling nicotine salts.

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