SMOK SCAR-P3 vs. SMOK SCAR-P5: A Complete Guide

SMOK SCAR-P3 vs. SMOK SCAR-P5: A Complete Guide

Oct 8th 2020

When it comes to SMOK, most vapers will recommend it for its reliable technology and quality products. With the launch of two latest pod kits, SMOK has welcomed SMOK Scar P3 and SMOK Scar P5 into the family. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, both the SCAR-P3 and the SCAR-P5 are elegant looking starter kits. However, are the SMOK SCAR-P3 and SCAR-P5 just another starter pod kit? Or do they hold apart from the legion? Let’s look at this comparison between the SMOK SCAR-P3 and SCAR-P5 put together by ECigMafia to provide you with a clearer and broader glimpse of both the starter kits.


Both showcases typical of SMOK’s packaging, the front of the box features a laminated picture of the enclosed color option for both the SMOK SCAR-P3 and the SCAR-P5, depending on what you choose. The key features and specifications are displayed in the form of text and icons. While the back of the box showcases the authenticity checker, contents, health warnings, and governmental compliance logos.

Furthermore, removing the outer sleeving and box lid shows the user manual, the SMOK SCAR-P3, or SCAR-P5 device with the pre-fitted RPM 2 pod. While the USB cable and RPM pod are kept alongside.

Box Contents

What you will get included with the SMOK SCAR-P3 Kit:

1 x Scar P3 Device

1 x Scar P3 RPM 2 Pod 5.5ml (RPM 2 Mesh 0.16Ω Coil Pre-installed)

1 x Scar P3 RPM Pod 5.5ml (RPM Mesh 0.4Ω Coil Pre-installed)

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

And below is the breakdown of what you will get included with the SMOK SCAR-P5 Kit:

1 x Scar P5 Device

1 x Scar P5 RPM 2 Pod 5.5ml (RPM 2 Mesh 0.16Ω Coil Pre-installed)

1 x Scar P5 RPM Pod 5.5ml (RPM Mesh 0.4Ω Coil Pre-installed)

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

Innovative Design & Strong Build

By a great deal, both the SMOKSCAR-P3 and SCAR-P5 are smart looking pod starter kits. With their matt black rubber coating and gunmetal colored finishing, they look pretty sleek and decent. Furthermore, the marbled effect of the palm rest gives not only an excellent grip. But thanks to it being lightly padded, which makes it extremely comfortable to hold. While the SCAR-P3 weighs only 105g, the SCAR-P5 weighs even lighter with 101.5g of weight without a battery inserted to be portable and user-friendly.

While the front fascia of the SCAR-P3 comprises a larger rubber-coated panel. The layout is very sleek, and the distinct buttons are both responsive and placed at the right places for ease of use. Whereas on the SCAR-P5, plastic surrounds the fascia, and the layout of the LCD on both the SCAR-P3 and SCAR-P5 is fine and clean. But people with difficult eyesight might struggle with the tinier read-outs. The interesting thing to notice is that there are none of the usual colored theme options to distract away from the layout, which is fabulous to see.

Coming to the type of ports, the SMOK SCAR-P3 kit features a USB-C type port, which will be convenient for many. But the SCAR-P5 has a Micro Type-B connection, and rest assured, it comes with the pack. Additionally, the maximum charging rate of the SCAR-P3 is 5V and 1.1A, and that of SCAR-P5 is 5V and 1.3A. Consequentially fast charging is out for both the variants. The locking mechanism on the SMOK SCAR-P5 kit for the battery compartment is stylish, yet wholly resolute and practical in keeping it intact.

The mods' overall look and feel are pretty good, being quite solid looking devices with an excellent hold. The zinc-alloy and leather outer casing offers quite a futuristic tech style. The Leather and metal complement each other, giving a perfect classic fusion. While the rubberized finish encompassing the front display and bottom of the devices feels excellent, it is also functional. The attractive surface layer effectively limits any damage caused by accidental drops or placing them down on rough surfaces.

Both the pods are well-formed and cleanly molded from a slightly darkened PCTG material as per the expectation. Despite this, the view of e-liquid levels remains guaranteed. The pod features an integrated drip tip that is comfortable to use and perfectly balanced to the enclosed RPM 2 0.16 Ohm mesh coil. However, even though the refilling hole on the top of the pod is of the right size. But the refilling hole gasket does not swivel out of the way. All in all, the pods hold themselves well to the SCAR-P3 and SCAR-P5 devices.



Measuring from the bottom to the top of the drip tip, the SMOK SCAR-P3 holds 111 mm tall with the RPM 2 pod attached. Furthermore, the SCAR-P3 has a depth of 32.3 mm and a width of 27 mm.


While there is not much difference in measurement, the SMOK SCAR-P5 stands 118.8 mm tall from the bottom to the top of the drip-tip with the RPM 2 pod attached. Moreover, the SCAR-P3 has a depth of 35.8 mm and a width of 28 mm from the front to the back of the body.


Both the devices are turned on via the customary 5 clicks on the fire button. While 3 clicks on the fire button prevent them from being fired. While pressing the down and fire button simultaneously locks the wattage output. Whereas, holding the down and fire button together resets the puff counter. While offering a no-fuss style of vaping, both the SMOK SCAR-P3 and SCAR-P5 features an adjustable wattage mode and puff counter. Those wishing to change the color of the display can simply press both the fire and up button to do so.

Also, it comes with an accessible adjustable wattage mode that allows for fine-tuning of the vape experience. In the SMOK SCAR-P3 and SCAR-P5, the control buttons allow for adjustments in 1 W increments. Perfect module for balancing the power output to satisfy both coil and personal preference. SMOK SCAR-P3 and SCAR-P5 feature the IQ-80 chipset for enhanced performance and outstanding efficiency that drives the vape experience. The overall design and functionality ensure you get carefree experiences with high performance, stable output, and all-round protection whenever your vaping needs rise.


Physical Parameter of SMOK SCAR-P3:

Dimension: 110 x 27 x 32.3mm

E-Liquid Capacity: 5.5ml

Weight: 105g

Standby Current: P3 <120uA

Input Voltage: 3.3-4.2V

Output Voltage: 0.5-4.0V

Output Wattage: 5W-80W

Resistance Range: 0.2-2.5ohm

Battery: P3 Built-in 2000mah battery

Screen Size: 0.96 inch

Color Variants: Black, Fluid Black White, Red Stabilizing Wood, Fluid Blue, Green Stabilizing Wood, Fluid Red, Fluid Gold, Fluid 7-Color

Physical Parameter of SMOK SCAR-P5:

Dimension: P5 117 x 28 x 35.8mm

E-Liquid Capacity: 5ml

Weight: 101.g

Standby Current: <100uA

Input Voltage: 3.3-4.2V

Output Voltage: 0.5-4.0V

Output Wattage: 5W-80W

Resistance Range: 0.15-2.5ohm

Battery: External 18650 battery (not supplied)

Screen Size: 0.96 inch

Color Variants: Black, Fluid Black White, Fluid Red, Fluid Blue, Fluid Green, Prism Rainbow, Fluid 7-Color, Red Stabilizing Wood, Green Stabilizing Wood, Fluid Gold

Battery Capacity


Loaded with an internal 2000mAh battery, the battery economy is as expected with the enclosed coils. Typically, battery life is shorter while using the RPM 2 0.16 ohm coil at around 40 to 50W. Whereas, with the RPM 0.4 ohm coil, one can expect about 150 puffs between charges. The charging rate of SMOK SCAR-P3 via a USB-C charging port is 4.94V 1.26A, which is pretty quick.


While the SCAR-P3 features an internal battery, the SCAR-P5 employs a replaceable single 18650 battery, that allows for a quick battery change. Despite the disparity in the method of battery use, battery longevity and performance of the SMOK SCAR-P5 is pretty much close to that of the SCAR-P3. While charging the SMOK SCAR-P5 via the USB Mini connection, it produced a charging rate of 4.9V and 1.2A.

The 0.96-inch screen uses an enlarged font to display the necessary information more clearly. The battery level is shown on the screen in both a percentage read-out and an icon to its side. Similar to that of most of the smartphones. While charging, the remaining charge time is also shown, which is always great to observe.


The top-mounted refilling hole makes the refilling on the SMOK SCAR-P3 and SCAR-P5 pretty quick and easy tasks on either the RPM pods or RPM 2. Also, since the gasket does not swivel out of the way, refilling from larger diameter bottles might become a little awkward.

Dual-Channel Airflow

The air entering both sides of the top forms a two-way vertical and direct airflow channel without airflow loss, providing impeccable flavor and massive vapor production.

Despite lacking an adjustable airflow on the SMOK SCAR-P3 and SCAR-P5, the airflow provides a relaxed DTL vape. The airflow is drawn from both sides to hold back any loss and produces a very smooth vape. However, a little more flavor can be pulled out of either of the devices, only by placing a finger partially over one of the airflow inlets.

Ease of Coil Replacement

Replacing the coils, either the RPM pod or RPM 2, is a friendly and easy operation on both the SMOK SCAR-P3 and SCAR-P5. Yet, the coils can still not be replaced with any remaining e-juice. Nonetheless, replacing and priming the coil is a case of dragging out the old coil. The new coil can be primed with a few drops of e-liquid down the coils chimney and on each of the wicking holes. Followed by placing the coil into the pod and refilling. Let the coil sit for 10-15 minutes to become saturated. Both the Scar P3 and Scar P5 have also got two different pods that accept different coil types, and both pods are included in the kit.

SMOK RPM 2 Pod: This pod is designed to chase the best flavor, and with the RPM 2 Mesh 0.16 Ohm Coil and comes pre-installed.

SMOK RPM Pod: It uses the existing RPM coil range and comes with a pre-installed 0.4 Ohm mesh coil. Universal compatibility with all RPM coils maximizes the coil capability to meet diverse vaping essentials.

RPM 2 0.16Ω Mesh Coil – 25-50W: Undoubtedly fruit-flavored e-liquids are the best type for the RPM 2 0.16Ω mesh coil. Moreover, between 35-40W, any fruit-flavored e-liquid will taste delicious and satisfying. But This range does not ideally perform well with custard-based e-liquid flavors and fails to bring out some of the sweetness during the vaping.

RPM 0.4Ω Mesh Coil – 25W: Undoubtedly, the SMOKRPM 0.4 Ohm mesh coil is underrated in every manner, especially when used with 70VG e-liquids. Moreover, at the recommended wattage of 25W, the flavor production is pretty good. Turn the power up to 30 – 35W, and the overall flavor comes out a lot more effectively. The coil gives an excellent comprehensive representation of most fruit flavors. But it might struggle with bringing out Meringues. However, custards come out reasonably well, starting from 16W. While the RPM 0.4Ω Mesh coil can happily wick 70VG, as shown as an MTL coil. But the RPM 0.4Ω Mesh coil can be far too airy for most MTL vapers.

IP67 Waterproof & Dustproof & Shockproof

We know that there are lots of great waterproof vape kits from various other brands, and that’s kind of impressive features. With the introduction of the SMOKScar Series, we now got a new and stronger member to join this part in the market.

SCAR-P3 and SCAR-P5 are IP67 waterproofs that can withstand water immersion between 15 cm and 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. And they are also dustproof (IP67) and shockproof to prevent dust ingress and accidental drop.

Flaws and Niggles

While there is not much to complain about with either the SMOK SCAR-P3 or the SCAR-P5. However, the only drawback is the non-swiveling refilling hole gasket, causing problems with some e-liquid bottles.


Without a doubt, there is much to appreciate about the SMOK SCAR-P3 and SCAR-P5, with their stylish and sleek looks and responsive vapor production. The flavors produced are best suited to fruit-flavored e-liquids. Over that, different coils in the RPM and RPM 2 range will suit your needs better. Due to the sturdy characteristics of both devices, with their IP67 water and dust proofing coupled with its shock-resistant build. Both devices are definitely capable of handling everyday use. Get your hands on both these amazing kits on ECigMafia.