The Difference Between RDA and RTA

The Difference Between RDA and RTA

Feb 24th 2020

What is the difference or similarity between RDA and RTA? Both of them are used for vaping, usually for sub-ohm vaping. Knowing some background information is essential. Both RDA and RTA are vape tanks or atomizer devices. The atomizer is a device connected to a vape battery and is used to convert e-juice into vapor. This device has many components:

  • Tank
  • Vape coil
  • Drip tip
  • Atomizer deck
  • Atomizer base
  • Wick
  • 510 connection

Both RDA and RTA tanks are made up of the above elements. Though E-cig and pods are different, they have the same parts. Almost all the vaping devices need an atomizer, atomizer base, base to connect to the power source, tip, and coil.

In the device, the e-liquid needs to get vaporized. For vaporization, the current has to be converted to heat. The e-juice has to be in contact with the heating coil with a saturating wick. RDA or the atomizer tank should have the components to convert the e-liquid into vapor. Whether it is an RDA or RTA, there should be components to convert the e-liquid into steam.

Meaning Of RDA

RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer) is a device where the user has to manually put drop by drop of e-liquid on the coil and wick just before vaping. It can give about five vapes, and the user has to drop the e-juice again for the next vape. In RDA, there is no tank for e-liquid. The user has to remove the drip tip to get the coil out. Once the loop is visible, the user can drop some drops of e-liquid on the wick and coil. After dripping, the loop can be put back to the position, and you can continue vaping.

  • RDA has large decks to hold coil building
  • The coil has to get connected to the posts on the atomizer deck.
  • A cotton wick you can run through the center of the coil
  • Building a coil needs a lot of experience and skill.
  • If the coil built with an atomizer resistance is not suiting the power setting, it will prove to be dangerous.
  • RDA is used wisely by people who know about Ohm's law.

This type of vaping is known as "dripping." Though this type of vaping is labor style, intensive vaping people are enjoying it. Dripping gives lots of vapor and intense flavor. This style became popular during the time of cloud chasing. Those days, coils and tanks got manufactured in fewer numbers. Vapers had to build their coils working at a higher wattage to generate more vapor.

These days, dripping is losing its popularity as vaping has become more comfortable. But some vapors have kept the passion of building coil live. For such people, RDA is beneficial.

Take a look at the RDA and RTA decks.

Know About RTA

RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) is the same concept as the RDA. The difference is only the dripping of the e-liquid, here there is a tank having e-liquid. In RTA, the people who like to build their e-coil can still do it and also have the convenience of the vape tank. Here e-liquid need not be continuously dripped on the coil for every four or five vapes.

  • Large atomizer decks in RTA's helps in installing the built vape coils.
  • The atomizer deck is sealed in the vape tank
  • e-liquid is filled in the RTA tank

The capacity of the e-juice tank is lesser than the regular vape tank in RTA. The atomizer deck has more space to accommodate the built coil. The space required for the formed loop is more as compared to an inbuilt one. About 2ml more e-liquid can be stored here. Here there is no necessity of dropping the e-juice on the coil manually.

RTA is nothing but a mixture of RDA and a vape tank. Both work with the concept of the built coil. In RTA, there is a tank for e-juice, and RDA does not have it.

RDA And RTA for Squonking

Both RDA and RTA can be used for squonking with a hollow 510 center pin. This 510 pin allows the e-liquid, which is pumped from the base of the atomizer deck to the coil and wick. RDA's used for squonking are called `bottom-feeding` RDA's. It is bottom-feeding because the juice gets squeezed to the atomizer base from squonk mod.

Squonking needs more skill in vape gear knowledge. Squonk mods are almost unregulated. In another way, there is no restriction for the current drawn from the battery. Squonk mods are mech mods and are quite dangerous.

It is advisable to use sub-ohm vape kits like sub-ohm vape mod or other mod kits. These kits are of premium quality, and their design makes it easy for the user. Current is regulated at a precision point, and our mods have all inbuilt safety features. In the vapor devices, the heavy lifting is done by the vapers, and the user can relax and sit to enjoy his vaping.

RDA And RTA Vape Tanks

RDA and RTA are two of the many types of vape tanks. RDA is not a tank as it does not have a container to hold e-juice. RDA is just a channel to have some amount of e-liquid. RTA has a tank to hold e-liquid. Though technically they vary their styles are said to have vape tanks.

Finally, the vape tank has an atomizer deck, 510 connections, housing, and a drip tip. All the atomizers in the assembly look almost the same and are called a vape tank. There are exceptions like the vape pods and e-cigarette cartridges.

Are RDA And RTA Are Equally Good For Vaping? 

People who liked to build low resistance coils with technical proficiency would have equal satisfaction with both RDA and RTA. These are decent choices for the cloud chasers too. There are many other ways of vaping, and RDA and RTA may not be the meaning for enjoyable vaping.

There are many others New vape tanks like the Fat tank satisfying the vapers with big vape clouds. There would be a pop to indicate the replacement of the coil and for filling the tank. After filling the tank, it is a wait for ten minutes to enjoy vaping. There is no necessity of building coils for enjoying vaping.

These days the leading vape tanks using replaceable coils give out tasty vapor. The new coils have a range of resistance levels. There is no necessity to build their coils. There are ready-made replacement coils for use. These coils are made well and give the optimum pleasure of vaping.

People just want results, and they do not care much about RDA and RTA. Premium quality vape tank with ready made coils give out good results and is hassle-free.

Building Coils

Some people enjoy building their coils. But an extensive knowledge of Ohm's law is essential. A better understanding of resistance and current is vital. If the loop pulls more power, it would be dangerous.

Here we give instructions to build a coil, but it is not a guide. Here are some steps for the coil building.

Building coils for RDA And RTA

  • Collect all the materials like coil wire, wick, ceramic tweezers, wire cutters, scissors, small screwdriver, and coil jig.
  • Bind the coil wire on the coil jig. The gauge of the wire, the diameter of the coil, and the number of binds give the final resistance of the unit.
  • The coil wire was removed and inserted into the atomizer deck. The screws need to get tightened, and the excess wire got trimmed.
  • With the use of tweezers, the coil is placed between the posts in the atomizer deck.
  • When connected to the mod or resistance reader, the resistance level can be checked.
  • By using ohms law, an appropriate power level is selected, and the coil is test-fired. The loop has to get evenly heated up by giving an orange glow and using the ceramic tweezers to provide equal space between the coil turns. It makes them get heated evenly.
  • Now allow the coil to cool after removing from the mod. Now take a cotton wick and send it through the middle of the loop. At least 1cm of the wick should extend beyond the ends of the coil. If it is significant, then it has to be trimmed.

To make the coil get evenly heated and put the wick in a proper position would be challenging. A lot of steps have to be followed to complete the process of preparing the coil. Nothing is necessary if the Vape device is used. Only vaping can be enjoyed on this device.

Other Than RDA And RTA

It is discussed above about RDA and RTA. There is some difficulty with vaping in RTA and RDA. Some people can enjoy this complexity, but many people won't just excellent results. These good results can be achieved without more complications.

We give many types of vape tanks in our business. Our research team works tirelessly to find better ways for vaping. We involve the best manufacturers all around the world. The aim is to improve the existing designs and manufacture better vapor products which are easy to use and attempt to give the best vaping experience to the world. Our atomizer tanks are made of precision. The coils are also exceptional in providing the best vaping experience.

Vape coils are made with precision. The reels are bound in such a way that there is exact resistance reading. The user of this device gets confidence and evenness while vaping. Best materials are used to manufacture the wick and coil to make the vaping experience fantastic. A large amount of vapor is produced, and the flavor is also exceptional. Making your coil has its disadvantages. The trial and error methods may not work out well. Rather than using RDA or RTA, modern technology does it work and gives a better vaping experience.

Wismec Gnome King Sub-Ohm Tank And Mesh coils

New attraction in vaping is the mesh coils. Here the loop covers the surface area of the wicking material. Because of this, there is more vapor and a fantastic flavor. Many people prefer mesh coils rather than RDA or RTA. The best mesh coil tank is the Wismec Gnome King Sub-Ohm Tank.

Wismec Gnome King Sub-Ohm Tank has a large capacity. Mesh coils are precision cut. The price for the coils and tank is better than the cost of Freenax Fireluke 2. Their performance is exceptional, which is incomparable. Vapor and flavor are given out hassle-free here.

WTF tank is a small sub-ohm tank. Though it is small, there is a lot of vapor production. Coils are made with precision and have two big juice ports giving a bizarre flavor. For the WTF tank, there is no necessity of making coils like in RDA and RTA. New coils can be made, fill the tank, and vape within five minutes.

The WTF tank can be filled from the top for more convenience. 510 center pin is compatible with many types of mods. 3.7 ml juice capacity tank and massive airflow are possible here with a compact container. WTF vapers are enough rather than the big RDA and RTA to go high with the sub-ohm vapor production.

These were just examples instead of using RDA or RTA. More vapor and excellent flavor can be enjoyed without going through the process of building a coil. Check out the best vape devices at EcigMafia. We have award-winning e-liquids too. We hope that you can understand better about RDA and RTA now.