RAW CLASSIC CONES 1-1/4 SIZE (Pack of 6 cones)

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Introducing the RAW Classic Cones, the ultimate solution for those who yearn for a flawlessly rolled joint with ease. This pack of six cones delivers an unparalleled smoking experience with every cone, leaving you in a state of bewildering satisfaction.
Crafted from unbleached, chlorine-free paper, these pre-rolled cones are ingeniously designed to cater to your every smoking need. The RAW Classic 70mm 1 1/4 Size cone is the perfect size for a personal smoke session, providing ample space to pack your desired tobacco or herb while ensuring optimal airflow.
The perfectly conical shape of these cones allows for an evenly distributed burn, resulting in an impeccable smoking experience that will leave you astounded. Moreover, their straightforward filling process makes them the go-to option for new smokers or those with minimal patience for rolling their joints.
If you are someone who values convenience and quality in their smoking experience, then the RAW Classic Cones are the perfect choice for you. Whether you are smoking alone or with a group of friends, these cones will elevate your smoking experience to new heights.

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  • 1x RAW CLASSIC CONES 1-1/4 SIZE (Pack of 6 cones)

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